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Recording at TBSM Studios:
Not ready for a full blown commercial studio? Your budget isn't in the tens of thousands of dollars and financed by a recording deal? Well I truly hope you'll get there one day and your song will be on the radio! I believe in you and I know as you do, that's a great song you've written!

But if you're starting out, there are definite steps you need to take. You need a demo, you need exposure, you need a producer. Let me guide you through the process and I am confidant you will walk out the door with a CD in hand you will be proud of and treasure throughout your life!

Once you've garnered critical attention and a buzz on social media sites and you have a publishing credit or two, perhaps a songwriting award, then it's possibly time to step up your game. Hire the LA or Nashville producers and enter their studio with gold records hanging on the walls! You've earned it!

TBSM Studio Services:
  • Songwriting
  • Composition
  • Recording
  • Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio Restoration

Your ideas to a finished song:
Telemark Blue Sky Music will work with you to record and produce rough ideas into compositions suitable for CDs, demos, songwriting compositions, publishing deals, film tracks, jingles, YouTube pages and more.

No job is too small and I love to work with beginners of guitar or piano who have only a single original song as well as with accomplished artists who may have little or no recording experience. I find that producing a CD or an EP of original composition is a wonderful way to launch students and artists deeper into their craft. Our vocal enhancing and pitch correction software is there for those who need a few rough edges softened out.

Mixing and mastering are the final components of audio production. The ability of modern DAWs and 64-bit software applications to perform these incredibly complex algorithms is formidable. Although I provide mastering as a service, I suggest, outsourcing to a Mastering house if I do the mixing. Generally, the two are best performed by separate studios and I work with and can refer you to some awesome Mastering engineers.