Fountain in northern Norway
Telemark Blue Sky Music
The rugged mountains and forests of Telemark, Norway, are home to expert craftsmen who build intricate and delicately ornate instruments such as the Hardanger fiddle. This region is also my Grandfather's home and it is with deep pride that I apply the same high standards of personal care and attention to all the details and nuances of an audio or music project as goes into the creation of the beautifully sounding and lovingly produced "Hardingfele".

I'm Robby Kjonaas, owner and founder of Telemark Blue Sky Music.

I have built up a catalog of nearly 100 songs with TBSM (1987 to present), registered with BMI. Although my recent focus has been on recording and producing other artists, I have also released four CDs of original music within the Christian, Folk, Country, Pop and Classic Rock genres (see Discography link).

What's New In 2016
I am living with cancer. In 2012, I was treated at UW Hospitals with radiation for salivary gland cancer. The treatment, though not a cure, was designed to slow the progress of the tumor. After this experience and a lengthy hiatus for recovery, I have refocused my energies on new projects and have two new full length CDs in progress. The first, Dakotah Wind, is written and demoed and is currently in the recording stage. The second is in the early stages of writing and demoing.

I am also beginning a new service by creating recordings for those who have specific projects in mind, such as adding melodies to their original lyrics or poetry or composing entirely new songs relevant to them or their state of mind or health. The focus here is usually on bereavement, end of life issues, dealing with the loss of a loved one or similar topics. These projects are carefully designed for an individual or family and their personal wishes, rather than dealt out as package deals. This includes compositions for a home DVD which I can assemble for you with your pictures or film.

Indeed, the Dakotah Wind CD project is all about my own personal experience of dealing with terminal cancer, with emphasis on both physical and spiritual matters. Songs available now as pre-release are listed under the header - Dakotah Wind Music - to the right. Please feel free to inquire how you may obtain your own personal download link.

In addition to music projects, I am creating a blog or perhaps a number of blogs, which will be appearing on this website later this year (2016) or early next year. My discussions with others, especially with fellow musicians, friends, hospice workers (I was in hospice care for 6 months), doctors and nurses have led me to the decision to share my experiences, not only in song, but via the blogs.

Public Performance and Ministry
I am, while in good health, available to perform in a House Concert setting, or to appropriate clubs or church environs, selections from my upcoming Dakotah Wind CD with special emphasis on the meaning and scriptural basis behind the songs. I present the material in a storytelling style that ranges from good humored to deeply devotional.

Let's Have A Conversation
Please feel free to contact me for a project quote or for more info on any of the services listed above or on the Services page or with any comments or questions you may have! I'd love to have the opportunity to talk with you about your latest project or what you may have in mind.

Under Construction
Finally, please be aware I am updating the website over time to accommodate the news and changes I have described above, so you will see some new things occurring here and there for the remaining months of 2016.

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